50 Shades of Who Cares…

50-shades-of-greyI have a little angst in my personality. Honestly, I don’t let it fly at every opportunity that the “snarky” presents itself, but I do find most of life amusing and even some of it quite absurd. Many of us feel as though the universe functions within a system of laws that never change. This view of science created a generation of “believers” who spiritualize themselves as cosmic victims. This Newtonian worldview is dead, and the false god along with it, which is making way for the God of the Scriptures which looks far more like Jesus and far less the Western world we are entangled with. A new movie has come out, called 50 Shades of Stupid, and it is the result of a few hollywood executives who have felt the need to shatter the moral fabric of a country of moral aunt Bee’s…not really.

Just a few days ago, I told people not to post about it, so here is to my glorious hypocrisy and some thoughts I had along the way:

Original Facebook post:

“I thought about writing an essay on how ridiculous the 50 shades movie is going to be, and how much it tells of society that we would make this incredibly stupid story a bestseller…then, I realized that actually posting at length about it contributes to the fanfare that generates the money needed to continue to call this type of thing ‘art.’

You want to protest it?

Protest by saying nothing and give them no money. There…I said it.”

In an age of information technology, some of these things have changed. How do we know that the powers that control this production are not banking on the fact that thousands of christians are going to give them free publicity by complaining about how it’s corrupting the morals of society?

I’m not opposed to speaking out but if speaking out only fosters more interest and is good for the movies advertisement, thus getting more sheeple to eat it up, I will choose to suffocate the system by giving it NOTHING.

The lie is that our culture’s values are guided by capitalism, and we should revolt! If it sells, we will make it (Bible miniseries and its spin offs). The truth is that capitalism is not a value making machine, it is a value revealing machine. China has capitalism in its DNA and spends a large portion of its energy monitoring its own people. For us to say that capitalism is a value system of the free world is an ever eroding ideal. All in all, I agree that we should not be silent on these issues of domestic violence, but how we respond should be effective and not simultaneously feed the machine. 

Movies like this aren’t written by a cultural elite that secretly control the progress of our culture. This cultural elite wants us to think that, because this would continue to fund the status quo. The media merely reflects our culture. Talk about it in depth to as many people as you want. They win.

We are classically trained to see ourselves as victims of the system, but could it be that we are actually the generators and sustainers of a system we simultaneously hate and love?

Top executives may have funded the movie, but the public funded the movement (with book sells). We, as a culture, have chosen to release this movie. It is here that the primary issue remains: we pretend that the leadership of our country imposes on us all of these things, but it appears to me that we are imposing upon ourselves and the capitalistic foundation of our society has the capacity to include all of these conflicting worldviews…thus, it is sustained. If we want to suffocate a system we must withdraw our money. 

Further, where are all the posts on human slavery and world hunger? Seems that Jesus was far more upset with those who turned a blind eye to the poor than those who turned a blind eye morally. Of course, some will say it all ties together, and maybe they are right. What interests me is the desire to give no attention to the metaphorical toddler having an incredible opening weekend in the box office. If I am going to encourage people to suffocate a false narrative (romantic violence) by suffocating the system that perpetuates the movements of the false narrative, then I have to enter into that medium. Is it hypocritical? Possibly.