I am many things.

Husband, Thinker, Pastor, Social-entrepreneur, Reader and Follower of Jesus.

So, you may ask: “What is this website about?”

My answer:

About 4 years ago the world around me began to take shape as I went through multiple phases of work and ministry life. What I had thought would be my life has been taken into a completely different direction than ever anticipated. I have traveled across the world sharing the good news with anyone who would listen, participated in relationship building for reconciliation between Palestinians and Israeli’s in the middle east, lived amongst the poorest of the poor, shared in the pain of those whose situations couldn’t be improved upon and seen the miraculous finger of God simultaneously heal and deliver them. I have needed inner healing over the years and make no claim as one who has lifted himself from his own bootstraps. Everything I am is by the grace of God.

I lean towards polarizing issues and consider myself part of the third way movement everywhere I go, but I love people and especially enjoy those who are crazy enough to believe that faith is more than an agreement party, but trust to see the peace of God fill the world we live in.

Blogging my thoughts, while sharing my talks and podcasts is what I am to do here. From time to time, I will also post people’s stories on how the Gospel has transformed their lives. If you are interested in my musings on Kingdom, culture, education, books, movies and world…look no further.

What am I about? The Kingdom of God.

“For the Kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.”-Paul