Crashing The Echo Chamber

In light of social media, the temptation is to think we need less talking in the world. The concerned and wounded claim that one less voice is enough to stop the echo chamber – the amplification of the chatterbox that is “we the internet.” This may be a fix for the personal wrestling, but it is not the long term solution to the hunger for wisdom that a culture of flickering pixels longs for.

This leaving, abandon, rejection of this world confuses itself for wisdom when it is a contempt for wisdom; a reaction for a response. The truth is, we need more speaking.

Never has there ever been a better time for the true word spoken, written, or proclaimed. Perhaps we should hold in contempt the echo chamber, but that contempt must be turned into something; a something that displaces the nothing we call the immense lack of wisdom in an age of immense information.

Paul had a similar problem with the church at Corinth. It was, on the surface, an extremely active church. Speaking in tongues, prophetic words, eloquent preaching, and loud singing were commonplace in their worship. So, you may be asking, what was the problem? Incest, slander, and comparison were also commonplace. In particular, it could seem that Paul is hard on those who prophesy and speak in tongues, the remedy of which is doing these things less. Not so! Paul’s remedy is to do it more. The problem was not to disengage but to engage in a different way. For Paul, he was adamant that this problem be resolved through partaking in the divine love of God.

Therefore, speak in tongues or don’t stop truth-telling. Just do it right.




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