Exorcist-in-Chief (part III): the art of nazi saturation

Donald Trump is not a nazi, he is an economic nationalist.

What do I mean?

These adjectives are often extremely problematic, precisely to help navigate our prejudices (pre-judgments) in such a way that we don’t waste time discussing obvious points, but they are necessary and unstoppable. the truth is, unless we were able to download the life experience of every person we ever met, truly get a taste for their experience in said life, we need labels to help us in our daily conversation.

Trump wants to build America back up to an economic world power and doesn’t think he can with the current crisis of migration. Therefore, American companies must learn to give American’s first choice of their product or they will suffer the consequences. This is extremely problematic, but it is appealing for workers in the rust-belt whose jobs have gone overseas because of many reasons; chiefly, the extremely high tax rate that is put on American business.

So what are we talking about?

The thought is, are you an authoritarian because of what you believe, or are you an authoritarian because of what you do? Liberals tend to believe the former, opting for a leader who looks and sounds good. Conservatives tend towards the latter.

This is where the Obama administration gets a perfect equivocation to Abraham Lincolns administration: both exercised their authority with little to no regard for the constitution, check and balances, and the recurring use of executive overreach.

I call Trump the “exorcist-in-chief” because it doesn’t matter whether one agrees or disagrees with him, his Twitter account forces racists, supremacists, and leftist radicals to come to the surface and be exposed for what they truly are. But what of the Nazi comparisons to Hitler? I will argue that if Trump is Hitler, then Obama was the anti-christ.

The question we should all be asking is this: how did the most civilized nation on earth become approving, intimately or tacitly, of the extermination of millions of its own citizens?

If you take one pass at the holocaust museum, you will notice a wall telling the reader who each nazi general was and what their pedigree was. Nearly 100% of them were doctorate level educated. Think about that.


A friend of mine recently posted a fun poll. He wanted to know which of the original three Indiana Jones movies was their favorite. At one point a person said that the lackluster prequel (temple of doom) was ‘fairly racist.’ The only world in which you could attach a word like ‘fairly’ to the word racist is the same reason people attach ‘transgender’ to ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ – because it’s a tacit acknowledgement that whatever we are discussing, whether gender or race, we don’t know what the hell we’re talking about.

The tide is turning, but first we feel that Russia must burn. It is the boy who cried “Putin!”

If Hitler told you 2+2 equaled “4,” would you tell him he wasn’t correct because of his disregard for human rights? Of course you wouldn’t, you’re not the CIA.

I’ve never minded being told the truth, even if it was by a Russian. It’s only in a post-truth society that revealing the truth behind an incredibly powerful machine, such as the Clinton Foundation, be problematic for its democracy.

This leftist agitation with anything and everything Russia, says more about the critics than it does about Putin. In other words, this blatant nativism is an odd move for the global unified and elites.

People are rightfully skeptical of the intelligence community; a community seemingly incapable of taking the knowledge it receives and turning it into solid political action, and if it is good we have no knowledge of it so that all the public is left with is a shoddy appeal to authority, to which I say a hearty “buzz off, I don’t need your antiquated understanding of the strings you think control the world.”

The American voting process is not democratic. Quite literally, the average Americans vote may often be in line with the electoral college, but that single vote does not matter one way or another. Even for Hillary supporters to be angry at Trump voters have no basis for their anger because those voters didn’t put Trump in office, which the general population found out in November. The electoral college is that genius idea that conflates the voting process with population and land so that urbanites in Oregon don’t have the unfair ability to determine the public life of rural lives in Texas.

Russia’s government made be entirely corrupt, and its latest laws surrounding the silencing of missionaries and proselytizers alike, but far be it for those who seek to know truth over the fable they tell themselves at night, in order to psyche themselves up to vote for someone as dark and disgusting as HRC, to dismiss it based on the origin of the source.


It is not as though folks are really afraid of Trump. If they were, then why would nearly everything he does be looked at with such unbelievable scrutiny (a breath of fresh air for those of us who have always wanted the press to operate on this high alert level)? No my friends, I think their fear of Trump is a reflection of their love for tyranny. What I mean is that, like Jon Haidt (the psychologist), I believe that a generation that has been formed to turn to adults for every unjust and uncomfortable thing, Trump is a man they can’t turn to for Justice. For this I am grateful. We need a little rebellion back in our social DNA. Obama himself ruled more than governed, bypassing every known state-check for a federal vision surprising, even to his supporters. “America wants a big vision implemented from the top!” he would seem to say, which is a bit ironic coming from a man who didn’t believe in the trickle-down theory.

What do you think?





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