Kingdom Politics

God And Country, the After Party!

“Here I am.”

Many people have read my previous article on the very present need for believers everywhere to rid themselves of the leaven of the political fire. This is not to say that Jesus was not political, for He was! But Jesus was political in the sense that he was consistent in His deconstruction of Roman and Jewish structures which brought nothing but pain and suffering while claiming to be of God. Caesar was King in all of the provinces of Rome, including Jerusalem, which was the very center of Jewish theology.

The Kingdom that Jesus is talking about is not mainly what is to come, but also what is already here. The Kingdom is here and has yet to come. When the Angel Gabriel appeared before the Virgin Mary, she pushed back by stating the obvious: “I have never had sex with anyone!” But much like the prophets of old, the questioning of God is not only permitted but encouraged as long as at the end of the conversation the prophet declares to God, “Here I am!”

I believe that we should be okay with a plurality of views, when it comes to the state, as long as we who follow the Way of Jesus declare at the end of the debate: “Here I am.” There is no simple solution to every problem,and quite often evangelicals like you and me are the ones who are polarized for one vote. I’m simply saying we should follow Jesus, not a political party.

Every one of us should present ourselves to the world like: “Hello, I am from the future.”

The Kingdom is the present invasion of the future, and Salvation is the present taste of the future. And we, who are carriers of the Kingdom of God, are to be responsible for embodying that Kingdom as though we are time traveling from the future where there is no war, famine or sickness. Therefore, when you confront manifestations or constructs of this fallen world, and you ask yourself how you are to act, just think if that position would exist in the new heavens and the new earth. If those things are not, then it is your responsibility to embody what could be so that others may see and choose to join you in the Kingdom life you are partaking in.

Here is the truth: Some do not make it.

It is difficult to live between the tension of heaven and earth, the here and not yet. A shattered today and the hope of tomorrow that shines into the present hour.

Life doesn’t have to go on as normal. We can live in a better day, but first we must repent*, for this is the essence of repentance: that we are thinking differently of our circumstances. It is not that we feel sorry for our circumstances, or that we are hoping that God will not allow bad things to happen to us. The Kingdom we live in with Jesus as the King and source of the life we lead, it is that we are able to see all things in a different perspective and live every day as a step closer to the truth and a life worth writing about.

I want us to try this experiment: What would life look like if Jesus were physically here, ruling and reigning?

The blessed hope is not that we are going to God; it is that God has come to us.

Therefore, Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus, be baptized and receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit, Who is the promise of the age to come invading your life in the here and now.


*The word “repent” is a horrible choice by the translators. The word simply means to open one’s heart. Whenever we proclaim to everyone to repent, we are asking them to open their mind and heart to the word we are bringing. Although, if we only do that we are only entering into the ministry of John the Baptist. In order to fulfill the ministry of Jesus, the word must be accompanied by power and demonstration through deed.