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Logos! Logos! Logos!

I have told you before…

I have told you before: we who have received Jesus as King of the worlds, are part of that plan to transform society all around us by default.

I have told you before: we are little lights in the darkness, whom are frequently misunderstood yet guaranteed to win others by our love and honor.

I have told you before: we must be a people visiting from the future, living today as if it is the world we envision tomorrow.

I have told you before: holding to a worldview which contributes to the problem must be abandoned when it no longer contributes to the dynamic nature of the Kingdom of God.

I have told you before: God mandates that every Christian is to take care of the environment, not only of the souls of man.

I have told you before: God’s new creation project began officially at the resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus has told us before…

Does Jesus really have something to say to this generation? Too often have I heard sermons with my own ears that declare the necessity of the glory of God from our pulpits but no equivalent glory is said to need to come out of our governments legislation, school house or business. Now, I am not one of these “Dominion” theologians. I believe that people have a choice to respond to the Kingdom of Jesus, and do not have to in order to live under the covering of God’s glorious shalom. Heaven and hell are just as real on earth as they are when we die. We, in our American comfortability, claim the need to warn people of the coming eternity they will spend in hell when most of them are already there. Not only is this not a biblical gospel proclamation, it is misleading to what the meaning of the gospel is and seems to be blind to the plight of those who are already experiencing a living hell.

…some friends and I went to a burger place to pay for a dinner of the next person in the drive-thru.

I can remember a time when some friends and I went to a burger place to pay for a dinner of the next person in the drive-thru. After we did, the person was very blessed and we proceeded to pray with them. Tears flowed as the woman told us she had been under onerous┬ástress and anxiety. That was before the unthinkable occurred: After a few minutes, car after car kept waving at us. Just before we could understand what was beginning to take place, the manager ran outside to tell us that we had turned her restaurant upside-down. Confused, we asked her why. She said, “The last 20 cars have paid for the meal of the person behind them.” Ecstatic, we began a drive-by prayer line as car after car asked us for prayer. Healing and Salvation (which is also healing) took place that night. It remains one of the most beautiful examples of the Kingdom of God invading lonely hearts.

The question I have is this: How many of those people were Christians? Statistically speaking, maybe 70%? How many of those people participated in the generosity sparked by the Kingdom? All. It is possible for someone to not reckon with the King and enjoy the benefits of the Kingdom in their region. Will they have to reckon with the King? One day, but our urgency is to respond to Jesus here and now. For death is not our deliverance, but Jesus is.

Jesus had told us…

Logos! Logos! Logos!

First used by Heraclitus (Greek Philosopher, 600 B.C.) to designate the divine reason or plan which coordinates a changing universe.

Take a look at the verse which the Apostle John opens up with his gospel:

sonofgod“In the beginning was the Word (Logos), and the Word (Logos) was with God, and the Word (Logos) was God.”-John 1:1

Did you listen carefully? The subtle establishing of the three legs of the rulership of God over man:

1. Jesus was in the beginning, meaning, God has always been like this and worthy of your trust.

2. Jesus is with God, meaning, He is with and for us. He is not against us!

3. Jesus is God, meaning, this is the best news we have ever heard! Why? Jesus is a man mankind would follow.

It is widely understood that John is attempting to re-frame to the reader what Genesis 1:1 is actually saying when Jesus is seen for who He really is. We find Him in the creation of the universe, and He Himself as the inaugurator of the new creation to make things right. He is revealed to be the beginning of the end, the start of the re-start, and a continuance of the original idea for a better world. So, Jesus was the original proclaimer of the Gospel that Abraham received and the original humans shared (Galatians 3:8).

In the Gospels, Jesus is simply re-stating and providing humanity with a better way (Grace) to accomplish this Divine plan to restore everything to wholeness. Therefore, Jesus (who is the Logos embodied) is the designation as the divine reason and plan to coordinate a changing universe within Himself. This must lead us to conclude that if you are in the Kingdom, the Kingdom of God within you (Luke 17:21) has enrolled you into a beautiful plan to coordinate a changing universe brought to fulfillment. By default, we have what it takes to do something significant; something that will outlast our grave stones.

Are we part of the solution or the problem? There is no other options when there are no demilitarized zones in the Kingdom of God.