Mr. Smith Goes To Duke University

Disclaimer: I am responding to the information found in this article. Please read along with my thoughts, but please do not simply read my thoughts. 
It is not uncommon for those of us who attend seminaries to be forced, through threat of blocks on our ability to sign up for courses, to attend (re)education courses that are no credit to anything including our degree plan; all the while peddling facts that aren’t even in agreement with the most mainstream of stats (The BJS), forcing us to engage in an anti-intellectual waste of time.
As the article suggests, this is exactly how ‘Social Justice Warriors’ behave like toddlers and expect their virtue-signaling and power-grabbing to be seen as seeking justice for the marginalized and oppressed. After reviewing Dr. Griffiths responses to the Dean of the department, I have concluded that the only mistake he made was being ‘white.’ His rebuttal of the email was considered insubordinate, with the only reason given that he was being “racist, bigoted, and misogynistic.” Reading these words nearly puts me to sleep because they are used so often.
The evidence of these kinds of trainings, as to healing racist and sexist wounds, is sparse. If anything, this kind of structural re-education simply destroys relations between the genders and the races in said structures (with the only exception being relations between ideologically pure colleagues who agree on the purity of their efforts). People feel they must walk on egg shells, thus the inevitable takes place: contempt. This is the opposite of reconciliation and is actually a power move.
Unfortunately, such top heavy universities (which has quickly become the norm) are the first to fall prey to the forces of ideological-whimsy. I remember encountering this for the first time at Lone Star Community, where a professor who spoke up about an injustice on the administrator’s underhanded attempt at forcing teachers to get in line, turned into name-calling by the institution, and the eventual firing of said professor. This kind of thing is not only normal, it’s “orthodox.”
Please let me be clear: I believe that there needs to be Justice and Healing between all of us; politically and racially, but I’m not a fool. Therefore, I agree with David (originally responding to my brother, David’s, Facebook post). For those of us who believe in the freedom of expression to accompany the freedom to be intellectually curious, without the fear of recourse, this should be alarming:




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