Naked: Where The Gospel Begins

When one opens up the Bible (or any sacred books!) it can be an intimidating experience. Where does one start? The simple answer: the beginning. How does the beginning begin? Naked! Genesis 1-3…

I am not talking about half-nudes running around conveniently covering themselves for the family portrait. I’m talking about completely nude people, unaware of the awkwardness that would ensue from a lack of clothing.

First thing mentioned in scripture is that God creates heaven and earth, and then how much of earth was void and darkness. God saw fit to bring something out of nothing. To clothe the darkness with something completely unashamed. And that is what the light is right? A lack of shame.

The Gospel does not begin in Genesis 3, with the fall, but in chapter 1 with the coming together of heaven and earth! Some people feel that Carl Sagan was wrong for saying we are made of “star stuff,” but this is exactly what God is doing in creation: Taking bits of heaven and earth to create man in His image (Genesis 2:4). Marriage between man and woman is established from the star stuff of heaven and earth. It was the curse which made man to rule over woman, but in the garden they celebrated in mutual enrichment and love which was unashamed.

Too often I find men have used a theology of the fall to navigate their views of women and life in general. But what are we to do then if we base marriage, life, and all other things on the failure of man rather than the success of Jesus? When we are delivered from the curse, we no longer retain ideas and a philosophy form the curse; therefore, women and men are equal.

Jesus calls us to be unashamed. But wait, keep your clothes on! What are you ashamed of? Whatever it is, you can find rest in your Maker.