God rid me of God

“God rid me of God.”-Meister Eckhart

In the following video, these words are mentioned:

“‘Questioning’ is a party to which everyone is invited.”

“We need a literacy of wonder, which seems to exit whenever elitism, snobbery, or viewing God as a kind of possession we have over others shows up.”

“A call to worship is a call to complete candor, and radical questioning.”

“God, in Jesus, asked a real question (on the cross), not a rhetorical one.”

“Complexity, truth, beauty. Copyright: God.”

“God isn’t made nervous by our deeper reading of Scripture, by looking at the footnotes.”

“Somehow being alive to the complexity could be considered a career pitfall in someways, but I resent the notion that being tarred and feathered by such a situation would be so bad in light of the brothers and sisters getting killed for the faith.”

“The Just shall live by faith, not knowing or pretending to know.”

“Offering our bodies as a living sacrifice to God does not involve pretending to ourselves that we are more sure about things than we are.”

“If you don’t use your own imagination, somebody else is going to use it for you.”

“Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real. At best our faith communities are doing this work of perceiving one another, and doing it well. Communities where we re-member one another instead of communities where we dismember one another.”

-David Dark