The Tears of James Comey

Many D.C. bars opened early the morning of James Comey’s testimony before a congressional hearing. The air seemed tense, and cameras were flashing like the strobe lights in a club as former FBI director Comey took to the stand. The public had already received his prepared speech, so there was much that was already deconstructed, like red meat to the mainstream media and their 24/7 news cycle. But for some reason, much of the testimony felt like reading classified documents with whole paragraphs scratched out.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

  1. Comey demonstrated once again his style of leadership: one wrapped up in public opinion and unprecedented action. The hearing seemed like an opportunity to save face for Mr. Comey as he held himself almost too well, as someone who enjoyed the spotlight. 
  2. Comey thought it was okay to leak documents to the press. This makes the former director a complete hypocrite when speaking and dealing with Wikileaks and Snowden, but it also makes him kosher with the establishment in Washington who (specifically the White House) constantly leaked documents to the NYT during the entirety of the Obama administration. In a way, he is worse than WikiLeaks because his leaks were self-serving. Therefore, for Trump to point to Comey as insubordinate is an understatement and a further embarrassment. 
  3. As a famous liberal lawyer and professor Alan Dershowitz has clearly stated, under constitutional law, Trump could have directly ordered Comey to cease any and all investigations into Flynn’s situation. It wouldn’t be an obstruction of Justice, it would be considered constitutional. In a opinion post, he said the following: “Now that even former Director Comey has acknowledged that the Constitution would permit the president to direct the Justice Department and the FBI in this matter, let us put the issue of obstruction of justice behind us once and for all and focus on the political, moral, and other non-criminal aspects of President Trump’s conduct.” Comey merely clarified his own opinions and in the process made it clear that Loretta Lynch had made every effort to impede the investigation into the Clinton’s, which makes her tenure at best, suspect, and at worst, worthy of further investigation.  
  4. Trump seems to be completely vindicated by Comey’s testimony. As Dershowitz continued in his article, the testimony is devastating to Trump’s credibility. But does that even matter to anyone who doesn’t already hate Trump or work for CNN? I think it not.   
  5. Trump could have ordered Comey to do a number of things, but instead gave him the room to lead, and after Trump finally saw how Comey led like a public celebrity he saw fit to can him, in such a way to prove he is not used to being a president. He is used to being a boss. With this in mind, mistakes are understandably made. 
  6. As this investigation into Trump’s alleged activity with Russia, Trump wins. As the focus of the MSM consistently points to “covfefe,” the POTUS tackled his agenda and is doing exactly what he said he would do in the campaign trail. This may shock our press, many of whom were actually arrested during the Obama administration (one of the most hostile to reporters in our countries history), while Trump’s words against the MSM are vindicated in the eyes of the public every time they feel lied to.
  7. The event was one big waste of money that revealed absolutely nothing. If anything, it only affirms the base of Trump’s supporters who hate the establishment and see themselves being persecuted by an unfair monolith, dedicated to expensive witch hunts.

I’m sure more information will come to light in the coming days. Don’t hold your breath.





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