Video EXPOSES the Secret Behind Christian Girls on Instagram (& its funny)

Okay folks, the jig is up! This video has us pegged. No seriously, the “jig,” as in the dance you do when you try to let everyone know you attempt to read your Bible, is up. Somehow it is always in Isaiah, cleverly highlighted, complete with a filter that makes it seem like angels manifested during our incredibly intense “quiet time,” or our “personal time” with the @LordJesus.


#worthyisthelambwhowasslain #jesusismyhero #quiettime #readingmybible

Half of my Instagram friends post devotional photos and I myself have done this; complete with photos of a window next to a page out of the book of Revelation. The caption usually read something like, “Worthy is the Lamb who takes the scroll so I can post it for everyone to see how incredibly serious I am about my faith.”

You can call me cynical. You can call me insensitive, but it is just that I want to take a moment and say, “Bless your heart.” Literally the only thought I have when I see that you are reading scripture is, “Hey, she’s reading her Bible.” That’s the most positive I get when I see these photos. Whenever I get more negative I think things like, “Seriously…thats what you highlighted?” My other thoughts are, “Why?” or “Stop,” and my favorite, “Is that highlighter bleeding through the page?”

We have to take a moment and admit it. Just breathe. Jesus said to be careful when you practice your righteousness before others. Now, with that being said I have no problem praying for people in public, or sharing my faith in a very public way. What I don’t do anymore is catch myself adjusting my filter so that the text really pops in the light. You know, the text I am taking out of context! Enjoy 🙂