Do you have the guts to watch this video?
And I warn you,
there is a lot of potentially offensive things in this video, given Milo’s status as a “troll,” but he is making an incredible point about free speech and the state of that in the University. He not only argues for it, he takes questions from a mix of protestors and supporters.
I remember declaring my position on the death penalty in a Moral Issues class of 200 students, who all, like me, go to University in the city that frequently engages in capital punishment. My position, for those who long to know, is against capital punishment. My argument was simple:
1. The question is not, do these people deserve to die, but do “we” deserve to kill? And of course, since when does the state become the mediators of killing in our culture?
2. Capital punishment has proven to not protect the innocent, as we have made mistakes and killed the wrong people, and yet we persist because they “deserve” to die, which — see argument one.
3. The only reason anyone here has provided for supporting capital punishment has amounted to this: “Well, it is legal, and we should do it.” This is a frightening perspective, and just because it is “legal” doesn’t make it right, but those in authority would love for us to think it were.
Honestly, this last point was not so much argument, as it was a chance to poke fun at students with the personality of a block of cheese. I think one not only needs courage to have contrarian opinions these days, one also needs a sense of humor.
The class didn’t like that perspective,
and half of the class began shouting — with a few guys who physically threatening me — which these people were like little puppies after class in their sandals and basketball shorts. Of course, these were criminal justice majors…scary. But fine, I don’t mind a little push back. But I walked away with the sense that people felt like I had slapped their ice cream out of their toddler hands.
Milo (follow the link) has an interesting perspective, which I think should be considered along with those level-headed social justice warriors people on the right so often pit themselves against.
The following are a few tips for dissent in your university:
1. Respect the professor in the midst of class debate. They are not your enemy, but if you make your point with respect, they usually respect and will defend you from those around you who might feel the need to sprinkle you with fallacious terrorism.
2. Don’t let people get away with calling you names. When you argue with people, and they result to calling your names, just know they have run out of things to say or have a lack of information. When someone calls you “racist,” or a “bigot,” make sure they provide proper reasons for it.
3. Breathe and speak at “room temperature.” Be gentle, but do not play the victim. It is your to make something of it, or yours to explode.
4. Be a learner, as well as a conversation partner. Treat the person as someone to be won over, not as an adversary to be defeated. And once again, be weary of taking on the professor unless you are willing to be level-headed. Treat the person with the opposite opinion as a friend whom you want to understand, and they might even love you for it! This has happened to me on several occasions.
5. Confront your professor privately. I promise if you do it this way, even if they disagree with you, they will see you as an honorable interlocutor. If not, they deserve to have their jobs ripped from them.
6. Don’t shrink back into a victim mentality when others lash out at you. Stand your ground and hold them to account for their arguments. It will pay off, and then feel free to treat yourself to a glass of wine at the end of the day. Drink red. I know, it’s like liquid bark on your palette, but that’s because we are broke college students and can’t afford the good stuff.
I hope this helps you! One of my best friends hates the video attached to the link below. Obviously, I don’t go about these methods, but I wanted everyone to see how things get when one promotes opposing views that look nothing like the cultural marxism so prevalent with those self-proclaimed in the “victim class” suggest. Enjoy!